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Mixing / Mix engineering

  • Premium quality mixing services with attentions to details
  • Understading of good practices of analog mixing from good old days
  • Occupational education to sound engineering and quality of sound
  • Long experience of seeking excellence in sound
  • Experience from studio and live sound engineering


  • Avid Pro Tools
  • Steinberg Cubase
  • Plugins by Waves, Massey, Avid, Voxengo and many others
  • Self-engineered drum samples tracked with high-end equipment


  • Midas Venice F32 console for analog-digital hybrid mixing
  • 2x Aphex Dominator for limiting mix groups on the mixing console
  • JBL and Genelec monitoring, self made full-range reference monitoring
  • Reamping gear and quality amplifiers at disposal

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I just need a quickie mix / master

Mastering for CD and Digital

  • Good quality mastering for affordable price
  • Checking mastering on “real world applications”
  • Listening with quality equipment in acoustically optimized room
  • Attention to quality of sound and careful processing with precission
  • Loud sounding masters with plenty of air and dynamics for heavy metal productions


  • JBL and Genelec monitoring
  • Self build full-range reference monitoring
  • Steinberg Cubase with Voxengo and Waves mastering plugins
  • Aphex Dominator for loud analog limiting

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I just need a quickie mix / master

Mobile recording and production in Finland

  • Mobile record engineering in Finland
  • Quality equipment – 26 input channels via Firewire
  • Big choice in microphones from Shure, AKG, SE Electronics…
  • Genelec-monitoring on the road
  • Transportation of services to any location


  • Avid Pro Tools
  • Apple MacBook
  • M-Audio Profire 2626
  • 2x Behringer ADA8200 with Midas preamps
  • Monitor controller with Genelec 8020 monitoring
  • Microphones, stands and cables

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