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Working on a new full-length album by Wolfhorde

It’s been almost half a year when I started working on new demos for a new Wolfhorde release. Most people propably don’t even know how much work it is to really arrange songs so that you’re finally happy with them. Wolfhorde songs aren’t really the simplest of kind. So many different layers of instruments needs to be done. I’ve already finished the band arrangements, but we still lack lyrics, vocal arrangements, orchestral backing tracks, acoustic instruments. It takes time and money. Thousands of hours of work and thousands euros of money to accomplish a real album that you are happy with and proud of. There’s no way of telling when it could be ready, but I hope that we’ll be able to start recording at the end of the year.

Here’s a reminder of what we did last time.

The new album will be folkier than anything we’ve done before, but also more brutally heavy and atmospheric.

All The Best,

Building my own passive mixing monitors

I’m currently building my own mixing monitors. I have been using mostly Genelecs my whole life, so this is kind of an adventure for me. I’m using an already existing speaker cabinet and mounting it with MarkAudio Alpair 6.2M full-range speaker elements. So far I have only done really quick testing to assure my cabling inside the speaker works.

This is the first time I do this stuff. I was a bit afraid that I would blow the speakers up somehow, but it was easy enough not to mess up and I got the speakers working the first time. So far they sound really nice, but I intend to come up with somekind of a variovent for the ex-tweeter hole in front. From the inside this speaker is a heavily dampened transmission-line type of enclosure. There’s a tunnel inside it which leads to the front port. It puts out some really respectable bass for its size. Being a point-source speaker it also has very definitive stereo image.

The beauty of a full range speaker is that it doesn’t have any unnecessary electronics inside such as crossovers or filters of anykind. I’m driving the speakers with a T-Class Tripath-based amplifier S.M.S.L SA-S3. It does the job nicely and it is dead quiet and low on distortion.

I will post more pictures when I get these things ready for action!

Work in progress. Full range speakers.

Just did my first purchases on

Yes, I have been using bandcamp for a long time as a musician and a band member, but never really bought anything from there. Now I have made my first purchases there and I have to say I’m really pleased how easy and fast it can be. I really don’t care anymore if I get a CD or digital download. The music is the same anyway and so far I’ve only bought CD’s, but kind of preferred to support the artists directly. I also think the quality of independent artists has gone up so much it doesn’t really matter if you have a label or not.

Visit my bandcamp fan-profile here:

These were the records I bought from bandcamp all of which are spectacular:

Support music. It’s a lifetime investment.