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Snow Patrol – Fallen Empires Remix in Detail

This year has been full of successful things like finishing my final thesis about analog summing, graduating from Tampere University of Applied Sciences, winning Shure remix competition and a lot of other things. This time I thought of writing something about the winning remix of Shure’s Snow Patrol remix competition. So here I will go through some stuff, that I did with the remix. Continue Reading →

Dragonborn Comes remix reaches top 10 finalists

Yet another metal remix by Werihukka reached top 10 in a remix competition for Dionne Lightwood feat. Danny Darko.

The competition was launched by Oryx Music and hosted at

“Dragonborn” is a celtic ballad composed by EDM producer Danny Darko and inspired from Skyrim soundtrack.  Dionne Lightwood is a multi-genre singer/songwriter from Brighton, UK.

“Although I thought my remix was too heavy for a competition by a dance label, I am very pleased that it was recognized as a quality remix despite being of almost opposite genre of music. I never really thinked of even reaching the top 10. I just thought it would be fun to make a remix of my own. Lets see how it goes.” -Werihukka

Listen to the top 10 remixes here: